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repeating order

repeating order



The Staves – Mexico

girly tunes <3

HAIM – Falling

schweet 80s reminiscent. one of the top comments: “This sounds a lot better than when they did mmmmm bop!”, lol

Secret Lake

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.51.40 AM

Got order from a friend and decided to print another. Only 1 pc. Satin silk scarf, 88 cm x 88 cm. Enquiry: mtrptr.id@gmail.com

His Vow


Image*singing* *yelling* *screaming*

ss of the day

ss of the day

-captured from Cloud Atlas

Effing G

ImageImage -captured from INNI

The ground is swallowing my options for release.

The ground is swallowing my options for release.courtesy of Ivanmaria Vele

“When the Berlin Wall came down, I understood it was a historical moment, but not really. I didn’t have the alertness to jump on a train and go see. Then The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, and I immediately thought, ‘I cannot miss this one!’ I got in a car with two friends.” – Massimiliano Gioni

GIRLS’ Terror

GIRLS' Terror

captured from GIRLS s01ep07

Dancing on her own

Dancing on her own

my baby niece dancing like there’s no tomorrow

Family Tree


-Arnold van Marcell ; Hero ; Fleet of Sounds II, 2012



– “Fleet of Sounds”, a quiet doomsday, 2012-

Is there not joy in being man, woman? You have to live inside it for an hour, two hours, or half day. Clue or clueless. Use or useless.

“My hummingbird, sing to me
Don’t believe a word that I haven’t heard
Little children laughing at the boys and girls ” – (Meadowlark, Fleet Foxes)

“Marry my mind is to say the least
Its been awful hard to just stand on my feet
I think I’ll slow down if I am able
I won’t drown in the ocean
For starving my place at the table
Lucky ones are we all ’til it is over
Everyone near and far ” – (Marry Song, Band of Horses)

Let’s end the day!

Brighter Later – The Woods

brighten up your day!



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sarah lucas gasm

sara lucas gasm

– “Chickgasm”- 2012

Lets say you could have one chance to get your virginity back, will you give it to Sarah? or the chicken?

This is supposed to be funny. Please..

This is supposed to be funny. Please..

captured from Being : Liverpool ep 02

Keep Calm,


nobody else knows what they’re doing, either.

Andam’s farewell party, Domain Bar & Club, Jakarta.
Photo courtesy of her.